Saving Lives in Minutes - Not Days

AMD has developed the IQStik , an antibody test for the deadly COVID-19 virus with results in just 3-5 minutes.

This patented process has been developed by American Made DiagnoStiks (AMD), a Medical Device company based in Southern California. The IQStik test is one of a suite of saliva-based test products developed by AMD.

The IQStik® will be distributed on a global basis for the identification of COVID-19 in its earliest stages (i.e., within 2-3 days of contact). The use of saliva has been studied extensively as a diagnostic tool due to its ease of use and non-invasive accessibility along with its abundance of biomarkers, such as genetic material and proteins. Rutgers University, a top research university located in New Brunswick, NJ, has validated saliva as being a viable source for COVID-19 detection. Rutgers, after an extensive study, is just one of many other universities and laboratories around the world that have come to the same conclusion.

Currently, all experts agree: changes in the way humanity inhabits this planet make the emergence of more aggressive diseases inevitable.

The world is in desperate need of a quick delivery testing device that is mobile, accurate, and able to get the results in as short a time possible, not in hours or days; to save lives. American Made.

AMD has patented technology that will help identify the COVID-19 on a global basis with its IQ Stik .

The IQStik test results are ready within just 3-5 minutes.

Detection Technology: AMD's technology has made significant advances in the delivery of a test that will be available to the public, as well as hospitals, clinics, and more, which allows a simple, low cost, disposable tool (IQ Stik ) to provide immediate, on-site diagnostic results with forensic accuracy and reliability in two minutes. Additionally, no infrastructure, medical professionals, trained technicians, or laboratories are required. The diagnosis is conducted on-the-spot and no longer needs invasive and complicated blood tests or urine samples. All this, in the complete privacy of your own home. The IQStik eliminates all Chain ofCustody issues.

Only one person touches your IQStik test and results: YOU

There is no more waiting for lab results that take up to 3-4 days, during which period, people are subject to unacceptable anxiety or, worse, in mass populations the disease is given additional time to spread, while the pathogens infect more people. The earliest detection of the disease in a person is critical in reducing and stopping the spread of any disease. This without question is the most important step.

In the United States, the slow roll-out of COVID-19 PCR tests has been widely attributed to a combination of stringent rules and policies implemented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by earlier administrations.

Immediately upon learning of the COVID–19 outbreaks in China, the Trump administration, realized the potential problems and the need to push for new testing and accelerated the FDA process, by implementing new rules. This emergency allowed for the use and authorization of Coronavirus-19 tests beyond the few being distributed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The American way of doing business sprang into action with universities, labs, public health departments, and the private sector creating their PCR tests.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the process used to make many copies of (amplifying) small sections of DNA or a gene. Using PCR, it is possible to generate thousands to millions of copies of a particular part of DNA from a minimal amount of DNA. PCR is a standard tool used in medical and biological research labs and is the most commonly used test for diagnosing Coronavirus-19 because it’s reasonably accurate.

Numerous problems arose, leading to limiting its use. Most PCR tests take about 4-6 hours for results after the sample reaches the testing lab. When the lab receives the sample, it begins with the time split between sample preparation and the actual PCR test results. Just the transportation alone of the samples can take 2 to 4 days to reach the labs. During this time, infected people will continue to spread the virus to others. 

Recently, another new dimension is now being added to the COVID-19 diagnostic model; Home Test Kits, which involves taking your sample at home and mailing it to a lab, and then waiting days for your results.

Before using other testing products/methods from online or retailers,
please read this first:

Part 1. When you purchase the test kit either online or at the retailer, detailed instructions on how to administer the test swab are included. Also included are screening questions, to determine if you have been exposed to the virus, which must be filled out and sent in.

Part 2. The swab type test is designed to be inserted into your nasal passageway to secure an open airway (Nasopharyngeal) or down your throat. You are instructed to insert the swab and move it around for one minute. Then wait a minute, then repeat the same instructions over again.

Part 3. Upon completion of this uncomfortable test, you are instructed to insert the collection swab (collection nasopharyngeal fluids, nasal swab) into a protective vial and mail it to the lab. It takes between 2-3 days for the lab to receive your sample.

Part 4. Once the lab receives your sample, the lab receives results in 4-6

Part 5. Finally, the lab needs to locate you and inform you of your results. All adding up to precious time lost for you to get the help you desperately needed. 

AMD will be in full production within 120 days from the date funding is completed.

Most PCR tests for the Virus are being done with expensive automated machines that are capable of doing many
tests at once. Unfortunately, If ever there is a case for Chain of Custody problems, it has to be this way of testing. (The procedure for establishing a chain of custody starts with the collection of the sample. The term chain of custody refers to the process of maintaining and documenting the handling of evidence. It involves keeping a detailed log showing who collected, handled, transferred, or analyzed evidence during an investigation).

Cepheid, which sells small PCR systems for rapidly detecting influenza viruses, tuberculosis bacteria, and other microbes, received FDA emergency use approval for a SARS-CoV-2 test cartridge. This slots into the company's GenXpert system, a device the size of a large espresso machine that can produce diagnostic results in 45-65 minutes. 

Some of the key benefits to our system is saving time and money along with the ease of obtaining results. Other products still require the sample material to be analyzed by the costly equipment at a facility, and the consumer still needs to collect a sample, place it into a vile, and ship (1-3 days) off to a lab to analyze. This testing process costs the consumer approximately $185.00 and a week of anxiety and lost time, waiting for results.

American Made DiagnoStiks® ("AMD")

Has a much better Answer.

Simple to use, Simple to Read


  • Fortune 500 Companies – mandatory, voluntary, random
  • Small-Medium Business – growing trend
  • Government Agencies – FAA, Airports, Prisons, Dept. Homeland Security
  • Military – All branches have strict drug & alcohol testing programs rigorously enforced
  • Law Enforcement – Reduces significantly officer exposure during DUI stops
  • Transportation - Federally Mandated Testing
  • FedEx - UPS - Courier - etc. - Delivery Compines

We can never stop the spread of infectious diseases until we have identified the carriers, First.

How many COVID-19 cases have gone undetected? How many people have had a mild case of the virus and may have dismissed it as a cold or allergies, not knowing that instead, a patient may be immune to the infection and could spread the Virus unwillingly to others. 

Unfortunately, the answer won’t come from the RNA-based test that is being administered to most people. These tests look for the presence of Viral genes in a nose or throat swab, a sign of an active infection.

Labs also need to test a person’s blood/saliva for antibodies of the new virus, known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). These tests can detect active infections. Far more importantly, these test results relate to whether a person has been infected in the past because the body retains antibodies against pathogens it has already overcome. Labs and companies around the world now understand this and have raced to develop new antibody tests.

AMD will offer an alternative to other commercial tests that still, as of today, are antiquated. AMD’s test is the first with detailed protocols that can be widely distributed. AMD could quickly scale its test to screen 10 million people per month and promptly amass more data with accuracy and specificity with the ability to share the information with various agencies around the world with the AMD StikReader. With the increased availability of our test for over-the-counter use, it will provide meaningful answers to the identification of infected people with the COVID-19 virus.

Originally, AMD was researching and over developing a test for SARS-CoV-2’s Virus began by designing a slightly different version of the “spike” protein on SARS-CoV-2’s outer coat. These changes allowed the protein to be more stable for use in the test. The stability of the protein is key to the immune reaction against the COVID-19 Virus, as the body develops antibodies to help it recognize the procedure for establishing a chain of custody starts with the collection of the sample. Our researchers isolated a short piece of the spike protein called the Receptor-Binding Domain (RBD), which the virus uses to attach to cells it tries to invade.

Identifying infected individuals requires accurate and specific tests.

The AMD IQStik is able to identify the COVID-19 virus within 3-5 minutes from the time the individual submits their sample, well before any other test currently on the market. This is the most advanced test and MUST be utilized as soon as possible to identify the infected and help them recover.

The first step is a test that can accurately test for the COVID-19 Virus. Sounds simple, it's not. Most tests are only able to identify one type of antibody. The most popular test for antibodies is one that is only able to identify the active antibodies in your system to fight off and kill the Virus.

Unfortunately, the antibodies take approximatively 1-3 weeks to develop and become strong enough to fight the Virus. This lag time of 1-3 weeks comes from the antibodies trying to identify the correct virus in your body. During this time, it also gives the virus time to gain its own strength to fight back.

At this point, (when a vaccine becomes available) is where the vaccine (correct antibodies) joins in with your own developing antibodies to fight off and kill the Virus. Time is critical at this stage in identifying the infected as soon as possible.

Most people who have contracted the COVID-19 virus have never shown any symptoms.

The Trump administration has responded with unprecedented speed and mobilization of its resources. The new virus, (COVID-19 as it was to become known as) was identified quickly by the scientific community, sharing its clinical data around the world within weeks. The government enacted dramatic containment measures, and yet all of this happened in a fraction of time while the outbreak continued to spread.

Containment is the first step in responding to any outbreak of this magnitude. In the case of COVID-19, the possibility of preventing a pandemic took place in a matter of weeks

We can never stop the spread of infectious diseases until we have identified the carriers, first.

Part of the Government’s first testing, was analysis of all antibody testing throughout the country and so far has shown figures of 70 % of people tested positive for the Virus do not have any symptoms at the time of their test, or during the week before or after. Only 21% reported symptoms on the actual day of testing.

Even with ideal containment, the Virus spread may have been inevitable. Testing people who are already extremely sick is an imperfect strategy, (see the information below) because the early stage date proves that people can spread the virus without even feeling sick.

Without proper testing early enough, this Virus will continue to spread quickly. If this disease continues to be as severe as it is now, cold and flu season, could become, the cold and flu and COVID-19 season.

The AMD IQStik ccan identify the COVID-19 virus within 3-5 minutes after taking the test and well before any other test currently on the market.  American Made DiagnoSiks® (AMD) has spent years and millions of dollars developing our range of saliva-based test products. All our products are patented, and patent pending with ten more being filed shortly. Just on the SARS Virus (a family member of the COVID-19 Virus) alone we spent a number of years, the time and efforts spent was a big advantage in the development for the COVID-19  IQStik .

The IQStik is an absolute must in identifying the infected.

Below is a quick list of accuracy issues most other companies are having.

AMD has addressed these issues from the beginning in the development of the IQStik.

There are several factors of accuracy that can lead to false positives or false negatives with different tests, including the most popular PCR - based tests. AMD’s IQStik has addressed these issues.

#1 The sample is collected too early. Newly infected individuals may have too low concentrations of the virus present at the time of testsample

#2 The sample is collected too late. If a sample is taken after the disease has progressed too far,the amount of virus that remains in the body might not be enough to be detected by the test, leading to a false-negative result.

#3 The sample is contaminated. Handling samples taken from patients who have high concentrations of the virus brings a greater risk of contaminating other surfaces in the environment (such as gloves, sample collection devices, etc.). This could lead to contamination of other patient samples, so they show up as false positives.

#4 The sample is stored too long. Samples taken from patients have limited stability over time. If extended storage, transport, or handling causes a long delay before the sample is even tested. This will make it more difficult to detect the virus, leading to a false-negative result.

#5 The different tests themselves are plagued with high rates of inaccuracy. 

#6 Many people have already been exposed to a common-cold virus and could be carrying antibodies against that virus. So, any Covid-19 test must be able to distinguish between the novel Coronavirus and the more common, less dangerous ones like the cold-flu.

#7 The findings suggest that the government’s test, track, and trace policy will fail to pick up at least seven in 10 cases and most people who suffer symptoms will not have the virus.

#8 Most people who tested positive, about 70 percent of them, did not report any at all. One issue that is immediate: Doctors hope that they can transfer the antibodies from a survivor to a person with current Covid-19 so that these antibodies could attack the virus straight away and kill it.

Some of these accuracy issues include: In terms of assessing your behavior and risk-management as we shift out of lock-down, this means that, on average, every time you’re in a crowd of 400 people or more like baseball games, football games, basketball games, etc., one person may be unknowingly shedding the virus. Positive Result

Work on a vaccine is well underway with almost every lab in the world working on developing one.

Custom Design Samples

AMD’s Biodegradable Patented Packaging System

From the beginning, AMD chose to take the most advanced protocol in protecting its IQ Stik test with Medical grade packaging materials. Medical grade packaging with single-use products is sterilized on-site by the packaging manufacture. Key requirements for sterilized medical packaging include fiber-free surfaces, the ability to withstand sterilization (by ETO, steam, or gamma radiation), with clean-room manufacturing.

As the medical industry and its requirements change, so do packaging methods. Moisture barrier bags, (sometimes called foil bags, or Mylar bags), are one of the best packaging solutions in protecting against damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt spray, aromas, dust, and other airborne contaminants. The purpose of the secondary wrap is to enable the non-sterile user (consumer) to transfer the foil packaging without touching it or otherwise compromising its sterility. 

Because of the sensitive nature of the compounds to light, temperature (1000 F), moisture, etc. it is the most expensive part of our production costs, and it's worth every penny. AMD has gone to such great lengths in choosing the very best materials for its packaging as protection for the Stiks that we have, without question, the highest rating of any company in this market space.

Private Labeling and PR Promotion 

Private labeling is an important American Made DiagnoStiks® component to bring the products to market faster and more efficiently. There are opportunities for Fortune 500 companies to place products around the world with their name proudly displayed, which will provide great exposure and PR. Many state Governors are seeking private companies that can make tests to help get citizens back to work. And even when people do return to work, they will need to be tested frequently to keep the workplace safe. 

Protect Our Health Care Workers

Worldwide, as millions of people stay at home to
minimize transmission of Covid-19, healthcare workers
and first responders prepare to do the exact opposite.
They will go to people’s homes, clinics, and hospitals,
putting themselves at high risk in our communities for the
health of others.

Reports from medical staff describe physical and mental
exhaustion, the torment of difficult triage decisions, and
the pain of losing patience and colleagues, in addition to
the infection risk.

Some medical staff are waiting for equipment while
seeing patients who may be infected or are supplied with
equipment that might not meet requirements. Alongside
concerns for their personalsafety, healthcare workers are
anxious about passing the infection to their own families
and loveones.

All of us at American Made DiagnoStiks ® believe the people on the front lines are truly heroes and should be treated as such. We plan to donate 10% of all production of Stiks to these heroes. These front liners include fireman, police, paramedics, doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation Logos

The COVID-19 virus is going to bring record numbers of new

Drug and Alcohol abuse problems.

AMD also has patented technology for Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol testing with results in 1- 2 minutes. All AMD Stik products were designed to use the same cross-platform machinery and tooling, saving significant time and money for a product to product set up and production.

In April alone, 20,000,000 people lost their jobs to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused major fallout in most of our lives and as history has proven, it will trigger additional drinking and drug use. COVID-19 has added to this underlying mental and emotional issues of addiction. The stress, loneliness, depression, boredom, isolation, economics with loss of income and mounting debt, all becoming issues for many drowning their losses, all of which often are closely linked with substance

Alcohol Stik® 

This test measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The Stik needs only a tiny amount of saliva, and in less than one minute, our technicians will measure your BAC (98.9% accurate). Alcohol Stiks are an instant diagnostic test that works within 20 minutes of an alcoholic drink. Alcohol Stiks are the only saliva-based tests in the world that positively verifies that the test worked, eliminating the risk of false negatives. Our Stiks have a 2-year shelf life and provide 98.9% accuracy.

American Made DiagnoStiks

Alcohol Sticks

  1. Easy to use / Like licking a stamp
  2. FAST: Diagnoses in less than 1 minute
  3. Accurate on-the-spot results (99.8%) and 96.7% Sensitivity
  4. Cost effective to produce with branding options
  5. 2-Year shelf life!

Drugs of Abuse Stik®

Drugs of Abuse Stiks (Seven separate tests on one Stik) provide a scientifically reliable indicator of the presence of drug metabolites and alcohol in a test subject in seconds, simply by wiping the indicator Stik across the tongue with results in 2 minutes.

Once AMD is in full production (10MStiks per month) with the COVID-19 tests, AMD will order additional machines to utilize the same process to start the roll-out of the next two Stik products, Alcohol Stiks & Drugs of Abuse Stiks.

In all 50 states it’s illegal to drive with any Drugs of Abuse in your system, including Alcohol and Marijuana,

Drugs of Abuse StikAMD will be in full production within 120 days from the date funding is completed.